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One more brilliant use for QR codes in social and business life – a personal touch for teachers and businessmen, managers and marketers, or just for fun! Audio/video QR codes are great for announcing new products or motivation speeches, ideal for adding to that end-of-term note or any news letter. In every field there is a place for an audio/video QR code.
First, here’s how to make an audio QR code that will amaze everyone that scans your QR with a QR app from any smartphone or device to hear what you have to say. Start by making an online voice recording using a free service like, or make your own audio file that you can host on your website or an online recording service. Create or copy a weblink that you can paste to the QR code generator. Then add your exclusive audio QR code to documents, websites, social media and advertising for your message to be heard with a simple scan.

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MP3 How to?MP3

WAV How to?.wav

Send a Birthday message in a free QR frame like the one below or add your own instructions
Add your exclusive QR greeting to cards and social media to amaze your friends

29 Completed Happy birthday Stephen

Try Vocaroo to hear what you sound like. Copy the weblink and add to your Premium QR code


Unfortunately Vocaroo does not work on mobile devices, please try again on a desktop

Check your recording before copying the link from the sharing options and pasting to the Premium QR code generator. Remember to read the small print.  Online recording services do not normally keep temporary recordings for long, so regular updates may be required.  We have hosted ours on our own website.  Vocaroo is a free service and very easy to use.

Examples of audio QR codes jumped into QR frames – free from your Premium account

MP3 QR Code

QR Code Audio Message

heart qr

QR Code Audio Report

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YouTube videos

Why not take it a stage further and link your QR code to your YouTube video?  First make your video about anything you want the world to see – events, holidays, happy birthday, office parties, celebrations, company messages, practical demonstrations, sport, or even something for You’ve Been Framed… you get the idea! Go to your YouTube video and simply copy the URL (web address) from the search bar and paste it into the box when you make your web address QR code.  Download your finished video QR code and copy & paste or upload it to a card, letterhead, promotional material, email or social media…  job done!

Creating a Video QR Code

QR Code With Youtube Link

Create your free QR code.
Paste in your YouTube link

Make your video. Upload and go to your YouTube page. Copy the URL.

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Add a ‘call to action’Scan with a QR code app
to see a video on your phone

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.45.53

Hey Presto! Your video
opens on any smart device


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