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Adding a logo to your QR code is a great way to reinforce your company brand, increase trust and show off a bit of character.

You’ve probably seen a standard black and white QR code, on packaging, leaterheads etc..

QR codes with logos inside them are less common.  You might think that creating a QR code with a logo in it is complex, reserved for large organizations with big marketing budgets.

Actually, creating a QR code with a logo in it is far easier than you might think!  Providing that the logo takes up minimum space, the contents of the QR code will be kept in tact.


How to create a QR code with logo

QR Crazy offers the ability to embed your logo in your own unique QR code, with a simple upload option.

The feature is restricted to premium accounts only.  Sign up with a FREE 30 day trial.

  • Login to your premium account (or register for FREE trial) – Start by logging into your account, or register for 30 days free access, (your QR code will NOT be deleted if you cancel!).
  • Choose a QR – Choose the type of QR code you would like to create
  • Upload the logo  On the customize page, at the top select “Choose File” under “Background Color & Logo”. The QR code will update dynamically with your logo inside.
  • Download & print as desired!

Adding logo to QR code

Common questions about QR codes with logos

How big should the logo image be? 

The size does not matter entirely as the image will be resized.

Can I use a transparent logo?


Will the logo affect the QR code readability?

Most good QR code readers should not have a problem reading  your logo QR code.


Why not create your own FREE qr code with logo by registering for a trial premium account?


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