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QR Code for Social Media Get to know Who’s Who.
We have all seen photos of members of the board and the management team hanging in the foyer.  But what do we really learn about them?  We don’t want to stand there gawping at boring lines of text.  There must be an easier way to get a grasp on Who’s Who and the people you need to impress.  This is where a helpful QR code linked to a full profile is hard to beat.  Discreetly positioned near the relevant photo an informative QR code from a Premium account at would be great to save on your phone and read at your leisure.  You could keep it handy to remind yourself of something to say the next time you met the boss.  A great-looking QR code from a Premium account at QRcrazy placed next to a photograph is not a lot to ask.  But how great would it be to have a workforce of informed employees and possibly save future embarrassment for everyone?

Facebook and magazines
Both are filled with photos and a never-ending assortment of personalities, rock stars and movie icons.  And maybe one that you particularly like.  How good would it be if every rock star or famous face had a QR code tucked in the corner of their photograph?  No more scouring the Internet to find out their personal stuff.  Just scan their QR code and you’ll know everything about them in the wink of an eye.  Not only would the information be at your fingertips, but it would be yours to keep tucked away in your smart device for whenever you want to take a quick peep.

Write a biography
Of course, it’s not just rock stars that have a biography you would like to take a peek at.  Biographies aren’t the same as profiles.  If it’s done properly a good one will contain intimate details and all the juicy bits.  And who doesn’t like to look in on the lives of the rich and famous?  Politicians are always fair game for a spicy look at the skeletons in their closets.  And a biography doesn’t need to be the ‘authorized’ and sanitized version.  Maybe you know something about someone you think the world should know.  Then maybe it’s time to create that sneaky, dynamic QR code and link it to a text page with all the gory details.  Once it’s attached to a photograph your newsy QR code will be available to anyone with a smart device.  All it takes to read is a free QR code reader app from the App stores .  Be careful not to libel anyone.  But how great would it be to start a QR blog craze that didn’t take up much space but was packed with all the scandal anyone could hope for.  Now there’s an idea…


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