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A Dynamic QR code allows the information entered into a QR generator to be held on a server and not be contained within the limited data area of a static QR code. The information you enter in your dynamic Premium QR code generator is held on secure servers at This method of hosting your QR codes allows a shortened weblink to be displayed by your QR code without the risk of overloading it with data. Your QR codes will scan easier without the difficulty of focusing on a data-heavy static QR code. Static QR codes hold all their information within the design of the code and are severely limited to the amount of information they can display. Once a static QR code is created there is no way of changing the information already entered. Whatever a static QR code displays is there forever. This can mean that static QR codes, by their very nature, have a sell-by date. Their use is strictly limited in any fast-moving field, from promotion work to offers-of-the-day. The result is that expensive advertising runs containing static QR codes are quickly rendered obsolete. The out-of-date scans lead nowhere and can have an extremely negative impact on your organisation’s credibility.
When your QR code is in the form of a dynamic QR code from all the pitfalls of static QR codes are avoided. You have total control of your QR code from your Premium account. Your Premium dynamic QR code can be edited to keep pace with changing information directly from your account without changing the appearance of your QR code. You can print off runs of QR codes without worrying that they will ever become obsolete while you continue to hold a Premium account with us. You can access your account at any time to update the information displayed whenever your dynamic QR code is scanned. The dynamic QR code will look the same – the information held on our secure servers will be whatever you want it to be.


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