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Don’t make a TV advert or promotional short without linking to an eye-catching QR code from your Premium account at  Wait for the clicks on your QR code and count the hits!  Whoah there pardner!  Of course it’s not it’s not going to be quite that easy.  You’ll need to have taken time to design a dynamic QR code that attracts attention and add a call-to-action to get the clicks that your masterpiece deserves.  But, with your creative genius that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, should it?  You can also upload a logo or picture into your dynamic QR code before flooding the market with stunning QR codes that link directly to your work of art.  You’ll save a fortune in advertising and be able scatter your striking QR codes everywhere as a direct link to the product, advert or movie you want to promote.  You pay only once and the low monthly cost will allow you to produce hundreds of impact QR codes for less than the cost of a single glossy page.

So, what do you want to promote?  Anything from a banana to a supercar can be promoted with a dynamic QR code from  Maybe you have a new app that is going to make your fortune, but you are not sure how to get it ‘out there’.  You couldn’t do much better than generate a stunning QR code from your Premium account to spread the word for a fraction of the price that other media formats would cost.  Where you place it is up to you – you have unlimited scope to reproduce your QR code JPEG in any format you choose.  We won’t limit or track you, but we will keep a record of the clicks made on your exclusive QR code for you.  You can access them from the Stats & Edit button in your account.  The same format applies to your short film and product promotions.  A great way of promoting a product or idea is to make a YouTube video then enter a URL into your Premium generator that goes straight to it from your linked QR code.  Remember to add a call-to-action to create interest and let curiosity do the rest.  For everything and anything that needs promoting, a dynamic QR code from is an essential part of your advertising mix.  You’ll get the widest coverage at the lowest spend and every smart device that scans your code will take the user straight to your irresistible promo.


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