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History is all around us.  But don’t you get frustrated when you come across a broken ruin or historic-looking site and you can’t find out anything about it?  Me too!  How helpful it would it be if the curator, gardener or the local history society put a QR code information point somewhere convenient that linked to a web or text page and told you all about it.  How hard could it be?  Maybe it’s something you could help with yourself?  And it’s not just historic sites.  Gardens and museums are not much better.  If you can spot the tiny information card it never gives you enough facts – that’s if you can read the card at all.  There are two ways in by which this persistent problem can be cured.  A dynamic QR code mounted in a nearby location that links directly to a webpage packed with information to be read at leisure on your smart device is one of them.  Or if you don’t have access to an online catalogue, then a dynamic, text QR code from you Premium account at is the answer.  It’s simple enough to create a text QR code by copying and pasting a page of information into the text box on the Premium QR generator.  The dynamic QR code you create will produce a shortened URL (weblink) to your information page when the QR code is scanned.  Take a few photos with your camera and hey presto, you not only have a link to the information page saved to your smartphone or tablet but also a photo record of whatever attracted you in the first place.  The bonus is that if a supervisor needs to amend the information, then it’s all done through their Premium account.  There is no requirement to create another QR code.  The original dynamic QR code will link to whatever new link or updated information page you choose as soon as it has been added.  All it takes is a little imagination.

Of course, it doesn’t have to end there.  Individual monuments, statues, paintings, flower displays, works of art and anything else you can think of can be improved by the simple addition of an information QR code.  No more guessing and wondering what an exhibit represents or being puzzled by a vast variety of flowering shrubs.  An information QR code is the modern answer to an age-old problem.  And building sites…  What is going on there?  They’ve knocked it all down but what’s going up in its place?  Please, please tell us what is going on…  An attention-grabbing Premium QR code from linked to a plan or information page is all we ask to take us out of our misery!


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